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My name is Lucy and I create handmade, natural and bespoke fragrances.

How about a more holistic and personal approach to perfumery?

Fragrance that is truly natural and contains NO artificial nasties such as parabens and aldehydes.

Maybe you’re bored of overprices, chemical and artificial fragrances sold in shops?

For me, perfumery truly is an art. I love creating new fragrances using only natural products as I passionately believe natural products smell infinitely richer and deeper than synthetics can ever hope to.

As my fragrances are made only from essential oils and other natural ingredients, they are also therapeutic for mind, body and spirit. They can be soothing, uplifting or richly sensual. Any of which can lift your mood.

To view my current range, click here: https://lucyrowettfragrance.wordpress.com/about/

Come in and take a look around my site, which includes my blog where I give updates on my news and write articles around natural perfumery.


2 responses to “Home

  1. What a lovely inspiration to work with oils creating your own fragrances. I love essential oils, frankincense would be my favourite! Thanks for liking my blog, very pleased to be in contact with you. Love, Mo

    • Thanks Mo! I love your blog! I will be updating my website very soon and then setting up an Etsy shop soon so if you are interested in buying one of my gorgeous creations it will be easier! I can take orders by email too 🙂 Keep up the love and good vibrations ❤
      Lucy xx

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